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Subject: Re: Archives of NOS-BBS where? (+ other administrivia)

Information about the NOS-BBS Mailing List

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This list was started mainly for discussion of how to run the JNOS version of KA9Q NOS as something approximating a full-service BBS. The scope of the list has broadened somewhat since then.

JNOS development was started by Johan WG7J (building on the base established by Phil Karn KA9Q, with contributions from PA0GRI, SM0RGV, G1EMM and many others). Johan maintained the code until April 1994 (up to version 1.10C). The JNOS maintainer is now James Dugal, N5KNX ( Other NOS variants frequently discussed on this list include the Linux port of JNOS (based on v1.09) maintained by Brandon Allbery, KF8NH (, and the 108dff DOS version maintained by Doug Crompton, WA3DSP ( TNOS by Brian Lantz, KO4KS ( is also discussed, but it also has its own mailing list. To subscribe, send mail to with the single line 'add tnos-topics' in the text.

Discussion of non-BBS issues which are likely to be of interest to NOS users and sysops, such as the convers server, NNTP, POP, etc, are also welcome. Many of the list subscribers are active contributors to the development of the JNOS code. The list is unmoderated, and is maintained by Barry McLarnon, VE3JF (

Submissions to the list go to:

The list currently accepts postings from anyone. This could change back to subscriber-only posting if it is abused!

Subscription/deletion requests and other administrivia go to:

To subscribe, send the line:

subscribe nos-bbs <Your Name> [Your callsign, if any]

The mailing list is also available in daily digest form. To get the digest distribution add the following line to your message (or send it later in a separate message):

set nos-bbs mail digest

Please note that if you subscribe to the digest, your contributions still go to, *not* to nos-bbs-digest!

To unsubscribe, send the line:

unsubscribe nos-bbs

The listserver will complain if you don't send this from the address that you originally subscribed from. If you can't do that, you'll have to send a message to the list maintainer ( for help.

Archives are available of the daily digests back to Jan 1993 by anonymous ftp from in

pub/hamradio/packet/tcpip/nos-bbs/199[3-5]/VYY.NNN (text files)

Recent digests (since Sept 94) are available by mail. For a list of the files, send the request

index nos-bbs

to, and to fetch a file, send the request

get nos-bbs <filename>

You can send multiple requests per message, one per line. You can also search the archive for keywords or other patterns, using the request

search nos-bbs -all <pattern>

where <pattern> is an egrep-style regular expression.

The archives available by mail and by ftp will be merged, one of these days. At the moment, the old stuff is available only by ftp, and the newer stuff only by mail.

Note that nos-bbs list mail has its reply path set to the list address, so if you use the 'reply' command in your mailer, your reply will go to all of the mailing list subscribers. Please keep in mind that sometimes it is more appropriate to send a private reply!

[End of NOS-BBS info file]

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