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After learning more about Linux, networking, and the Internet than chemistry during graduate school, when I was supposed to be working on a Ph.D. in chemistry, I went to work for the yet unnamed ISP division of a local computer store right before they got their first router and Internet connection. As "senior technical person" for what became FDT, I was responsible for the network and servers for what grew over several years from zero to a few thousand customers in 4 cities.

I left FDT in February of 1999 due to continuing disagreements with management and a general lack of faith in the survival of the company.  I needed to work somewhere more stable.  Somewhere where the staff wouldn't race to the bank every other Friday to see who's paychecks would clear.  On and off, for a few years, Atlantic.Net had been offering me a job, so in February of 1999, I accepted their offer. I finally left Atlantic.Net in early 2013 for a job with Team Cymru, which turned out to be not at all what I'd expected. After a short time there, I moved to Highwinds Network Group, where I'm doing network engineering again.

Over the years, I've done (and still do) some  consulting  for a number of other ISP's (mostly ones up north or out west) and for some non-ISP companies that have Internet connectivity.

Here's an old (ok, really old) picture of me and my wife Gail.  It was taken with a connectix QuickCam connected to my old 486 running Linux.  HTML versions of my resume and Gail's resume are stored online here. I have a blog, which I update every once in a while.

A picture would have been here.

I finally got tired of the old web page that used to be here. It was largely unmaintained for nearly 5 years, and was definitely showing its age. For historical purposes, it's been renamed rather than rm'd.

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